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Multi-potentialite Bl@ckie Ch@n is a songwriter, producer, artist, activist, radio host, and web series creator from Irwin, California taking the music and web scene by storm with operations based in Huntsville, AL. This powerhouse is the genius behind singles “Pump Up” and “I Will Beep in Traffic” with a sound best described as upbeat and energetic. Bl@ckie Ch@n has worked with J-Town, Sir Pluck, Laudano, GQ Fresh, Mali, OG Pressure, Jay$, and LoKey100. He has also worked with Rocket City Records, Ascend Music Group, and PoundTeamRandom.

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Food Series

A series of episodes where Bl@ckie Ch@n experiences different restaurants around Huntsville, Al. During the adventures he will treat others to try the food, and also get to tatse their suggestions. Also there will be moments where homecooking will be showed with other chefs and homecooks. Coming soon to Youtube.

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